Entry #1

Hi everyone :)

2011-01-31 14:26:31 by przemyslawkk

Hello guyz.

My name is Przemek and i think i will start make game's for newgrounds. To make my first game i use Game Maker 2 (Newgrounds edition) because i heard is pretty easy to use, but when i start lessons with flash in my school i will add some better movies and other things.

Cu :)

Hi everyone :)


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2011-01-31 17:12:49

Couldn't help but notice you gave an 8/10 for Dot Dot Dot because the video didn't "hit your heart."

So two music video collabs, a Mario remake, and a game about a fish made of glass "hit your heart?"

I'm not going to say the score is bad. But you'll have to realize there are a lot of things that can make an animation entertaining. You don't necessarily have to be overwhelmed with heartfelt emotion.

przemyslawkk responds:

Meaby you don't understand what i wanna to say. By "hit my heart" i mean, thats movie is about only audio of review (don't have deeper meanings). I don't say "WOW" when i saw this because not all movies from "Featured movies!" in main page of newgrounds i have to like.