Sad comment

2011-02-01 01:09:58 by przemyslawkk

Hi :(

Somebody write bad comment about my last flash reviews. As you see my first reviews was write like 2 years ago and i don't think about scores and about sense of review. If i hurt somebody than I'm sorry :(

BTW. when i write something bad in English than please tell me because I come from Poland and my English is no 100% good ;p

Cu :(

PS. By "hit the heart" i mean i must say WOW when i saw something. Game what "hit heart" is e.g. "Coma"

Sad comment


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2011-02-01 02:47:06

Anyone can use the useless/helpful ratings. Usually the ones who do so are morons who generally thinks that anything below 10/10 is a useless review and ANYTHING at 10/10 is a helpful one.

In other words, don't care one bit about the useless/helpful ratings.

przemyslawkk responds:

True. 2 years ago i earlier i don't care about reviews but now i care more about what i write and what point's i give Thank you :)


2011-02-01 03:38:09

Some people think they're "Top class reviewers" and shit. Its not true. Everyone is equal on reviewing anything they want to review but commenting on someone elses review and writing something bad about? Not cool. =/ Who cares what people think, you know? Let them be critics. Really bad ones.


2011-02-01 03:38:53

Oh in other words. Dont let bad comments bring you down. Okie? :D


przemyslawkk responds:

thank you :)


2011-02-03 09:38:43

grammtical errors are not important. as long as your reviews are comprehensible, it should be ok. try to include as much details as possible when explaining why you think the submissions deserves such a score and always suggest ways to improve.
actually, most NG users are quite mature. you'll get a helpful rating very easily if you follow the above guidelines.


2011-02-03 09:53:18

well... at least most of the time ;-)
indeed some users are just...